So far in our 21st century technology class we discovered the AU One-Login Sign in. This gives all Anderson students to login to one account and find multiple account such as your Anderson email, canvas, your self service, and many more. 

One very important login we almost learned about is call G-suite. G-suite is short for what is known as Google Apps for Education. G-suite is basically a Google email account that is linked to every Anderson students school email. You can save important files like music, word documents, or pictures. You also have access to google docs and google slides. These are just a free google version of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You can also save your important documents on your google drive.

We also first Microsoft PowerPoint. Within class we learned how to insert audio recordings and overlap music from slide to slide. The purpose of this video assignment was to introduce yourself to the class by using pictures and the introduction questions given to us on our first day of class by our Professor.