BLOG POST 8 — March 30, 2017


Today in class we went over how to turn our Smart presentations into pictures. Tuesday in class we went into the Activinspire website and converted out Smart presentations into The activinspire software. Thursday we talked about step 3, 4, 5 of our final exam. Professor Mosley explained to the class all the steps goin into the final exam. For example, part 4 is the voice recording. We will use audacity to record us talking, which we learned about previously in the semester. You may need to take some time to think of what to say. After we finished talking about our final exam, we learned about QR codes and word clouds. To check our how to build QR codes and Word clouds check this out.

Blog Post 7 — March 23, 2017

Blog Post 7

Coming back from spring break has been tough but I made it. Tuesday was covered primarily more things to do with our Smart notebook lesson. My lesson plan is going to be about the days of the week and on one slide its just going to say the days of the week while the other slides explain the hand motion used in sign language that symbol the days of the week. On Thursday, Group 6 presented their presentation about online resources. We also learned that we have to turn our Smart project into a pdf file before we turn it in in canvas.

Blog Post 6 — March 9, 2017

Blog Post 6

This week, in Technology  for the 21st century classroom, we talked about the process of creating our part 2 to our final exam. We also talked about an our #1 notebook lesson assignment. Professor Mosley helped us along with this so the class wont not have to finish it over out upcoming spring break. We talked about making a lesson plan using a smart board and getting to know how to use the Smart board and making lesson with SMART notebook. Hope fully when I have my own classroom, my knowledge of these tools will come in handy while making my own lesson plans.

Blog post 5 — March 5, 2017

Blog post 5

Today in Edu 220 we talked about why promethean  boards  are just getting old. The most recent technology has begun to over shadow what we know as our “smart boards.” For example some schools are getting IPads for there classrooms. Well, students can access the same thing on their iPads as they can on the promethean boards. We also watched a video about smart boards. The video tells the viewers that “anything you do on your computer, you can do on your smart board.” Then our teacher explained to us that we are going to have to create a lesson plan that interacts with the smart board.